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2020 is a 'Unicorn' Year for Content Creators

Contact us now for all your print, digital and multi-platform production needs.

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2020 promises to be an electric year in publishing!

More than any time in history, we live in an instant gratification society. Technology is advancing quickly, and authors and publishers must deliver content that keeps pace with consumer demands.

Authors and publishers are focused not simply on what they publish, but how they deliver content to their audience. Readers and consumers of content are interested in more than just print and eBook offerings, and are demanding interactive and immersive content they can experience in a myriad of forms.

We can help! Digital Content Creators has the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We deliver edits and revisions the next day, while maintaining our emphasis on quality and accuracy. We offer a full array of prepress production services, and are a one-stop destination for print and eBook production.

We can do more than produce your print and eBook!

Digital Content Creators has a unique service for authors and publishers who create content that informs, teaches, and enriches their readers. We create eLearning modules and courses that expand and amplify content. This allows authors and publishers to be more in tune with consumers and adds additional revenue streams like never before.

Unlike other vendors, we combine U.S.-based project management and client services with offshore pricing. This means no time lag or language issues to worry about. We specialize in partnerships with small to midsize publishing companies, as well as self-published authors.

Here’s what Rebecca Ryan, V.P – Production, and Marketing of Dawn Sign Press has to say about our services.

"I’m so grateful to have found Digital Content Creators. Publishing for education has changed so much, especially with online courses becoming more and more popular. Jan has been a constant support while we convert our complex materials into digital courses. We also use Digital Content Creators for our traditional books. If you have content that you want expertly handled from design to press or online, I highly recommend Digital Content Creators."

And here’s what Geoffrey Mount Varner, M.D. author of “Dr. Saving Lives” has to say:

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jan and his team at Digital Content Creators. We found them to be responsive and available. We found their breath of knowledge invaluable. I plan to use them again for my next book. Again, I can't say enough about Digital Content Creators’ efficient use of time and resources - they are experts. It was a wonderful experience.”

Now is the time to contact us and ask about our variety of introductory special bundled services.

Email us directly at or contact us the old-fashioned way at 201-264-7554.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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