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Does Your Training Program Need CPR? eLearning Can Help!

A large percentage of employees that make up healthcare and emergency medical services staff belong to a generation who thrive in the technological world. They live on their computers and smart phones and are less likely to retain information in a classroom setting, where training can take hours, even days. They want to progress with training at a time and pace that fits more easily into their busy schedules, and in a format that is interactive, entertaining, and engaging.

Time and scheduling constraints, as well as high employee turnover, all present learning and development challenges to hospital, emergency medical services, and healthcare organizations’ owners and training staff.  eLearning courses can deliver your company’s policies, procedures, training, and/or accreditation affordably, consistently, and without a lot of lost productivity. Using higher learning retention and easy on-the-go access, eLearning delivers an employee training program that will boost your employees’ confidence, performance, and make your organization – and your employees - flourish.

To help push your healthcare organization into the future, here are some reasons why choosing eLearning as your next employee training experience will benefit your future success.

eLearning Builds Future Skills

Many healthcare companies are eager to emphasize employee learning and development, to improve employee retention and create a proactive and engaged culture. People are inspired by an environment where employees are encouraged to further their career. eLearning technology is growing by leaps and bounds, and advancements like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Gaming make training interactive and engaging while building career skills at the same time!

eLearning Provides Training Consistency

If your organization is expanding, eLearning will create a consistent, efficient and measurable training platform for your growing business! Cloud-based learning platforms can handle high amounts of online traffic, which allows you to train new employees as well as retrain regular employees on new procedures or new menu items. This allows you to streamline your training materials across company locations and ease your workload. It’s a scalable way of making training activities, materials and assessments available to many busy employees in any location, allowing them to access the content in an engaging format, whenever and wherever they need it most.

eLearning is Less Expensive:

eLearning helps reduce the labor costs associated with in-person training, such as travel expenses for trainers and the cost of employees’ time. eLearning utilizes your organization’s training materials and converts content into bite-sized learning, otherwise known as micro-burst learning. Research shows that micro-burst learning is a much more effective way of absorbing and retaining large amounts of material. An effective cost-and-time reduction strategy is to develop assessments that enable instant grading, automated feedback, and/or moderated peer reviews. eLearning courses can be updated quickly and easily, this which means less time and lower costs for each course presentation.

eLearning Decreases Lost Productivity

Particularly in the healthcare and emergency medical services businesses, scheduling and logistics can be an obstacle when training new employees. eLearning is available to meet the demands of a business 24/7. Employees can be trained wherever and whenever, and new hires can be trained the day they start. eLearning is also a very effective and efficient platform for pre-hire screening! With eLearning, employees can learn in controlled micro-doses, eliminating the need to be away from work for extended periods. Training time can be reduced 30-70% when using an eLearning platform.


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