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Digital Publishing

It’s no secret that publishers and independent authors know the value of eBooks as part of their book marketing strategy. We produce hundreds each year. What is less well known is that the latest trend in content consumption is that readers (especially Gen Z) are demanding a more immersive engagement with today’s content than is currently being offered by eBooks.

For some authors and publishers, Digital Content Creators has developed eLearning courses that expand their content with engaging and interactive participation that provides a richer and more substantial experience.

eBook Formats

ePub 2 format: Industry standard format for Fluid/Reflowable layout. Supported by all the standard readers and works seamlessly across all devices i.e. PC/Mac, tablets, and phones.

ePub 3 fixed and reflowable format: Industry standard format for design intensive books. The fixed-format aspect retains the look and feel of the printed book. Other features in ePub 3 offer the capabilities for multimedia assets like video, audio and Interactivities can also be embedded within ePub 3.


iBook: Proprietary format for iOS devices. Our team is well versed in iBook’s author to create rich enhanced eBooks.


KF8/.mobi format: Proprietary format for Kindle devices that include the same properties as ePub 2 and ePub 3.

eBook Fomats

eLearning for Publishers & Authors

Today’s authors who write with the intention of informing or educating their readers face challenges that previous generations of content creators never imagined; the prospect of keeping their readers engaged with the subject matter.

As the digital divide between print and online content widens, readers are looking to be more engaged with content. In other words, they are looking for an experience as well as knowledge.

Unfortunately, eBooks have never lived up to the expectations that were set for them when they were first introduced. All they do is provide a more convenient (in some cases) way of carrying a book around. In most cases, the experience of reading from a printed book or from a screen is not enough to hold the current generation of readers interest.

We have moved beyond print and eBooks to create an engaging and empowering way for readers to interact with the content that these authors provide.

We develop eLearning courses to complement both print and eBooks. These courses let the author and reader interact to ensure that the knowledge the author has created is understood and retained. It also allows an exchange of thoughts between the author and their community and increases the awareness of what is important to the community so that the author can expand their content in subsequent books.

eLearning Publshers and Authors
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