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Benefits for Coaches of Turning Their Content into eLearning

By Jan Zucker and Ellie Schoenberger

In this online-centered coronavirus world, you have likely heard of many individuals and businesses converting their work into an online platform. As a coach, whether it is fitness, mindset, lifestyle, or any other specialized skill, you are likely wondering if you could do the same and if it is worth it? Today, we are going to discuss the benefits of coaches turning their content into eLearning.


Client Benefits of eLearning

Coaches converting their content into eLearning benefits not only themselves but their audience. First, let's talk about the benefits to your clients.

Learn at Their Own Pace

Everyone is busy. People live complex lives with countless responsibilities and, especially in the age of Coronavirus, adding in-person training sessions with a coach simply might not fit into their busy schedule. eLearning provides a flexible learning path, where clients can learn when they want, where they want, and dedicate however much free time they want to an eLearning course. They set the pace that works for them.

Any Device, Anywhere

Learners of all ages no longer want to be tied to a desk or a computer. Converting your knowledge base into online course(s) allows your clients/learners to enrich their lives and further their knowledge base from any device. This is particularly important when working with millennials and Gen Z; if you want to reach that demographic online learning is practically a requirement.

Improved Content/Course Retention

Studies show that clients/learners retain MORE information through online training than through traditional coaching/learning models. A study completed by the Research Institute of America demonstrated that the retention rate for in-person learning was only 8-10%, whereas eLearning provided a 25-60% retention! As your clients benefits from the increased retention of your course content, they will want to work with you more and more.

Access Course Materials 24/7

Online eLearning courses allow your clients to go back and review the material at any time, improving retention rates even more, and allowing them to get the most they can from your course offering(s).


Coach Benefits of eLearning

Now, let’s talk about the benefits for you and your coaching business.

Additional Revenue Stream(s)

As opposed to a one-off interaction with a client, or speaking engagement, coaches can market their knowledge base over and over. For example, instead of giving a lecture to a group of 100 people one time, you could turn that lecture into an online course that could reach thousands of people. The ability to scale your business is unlimited.

Save Money

Not only can coaches increase revenues, they can save money too. By offering course materials virtually, you save on travel expense, downtime through commuting and/or travel, and more.

Safe in the Age of Coronavirus

With the instability surrounding the safety of meeting in person due to the coronavirus, all your coaching services can be done from the comfort and safety of home - both for you and your client. 

Provide Consistent and Accurate Content

If you are the type of coach who gives the same training(s) over and over, can you say that it was precisely the same each time? Inevitably, some trainings and one-on-one client work goes better than others, due to several potential causes. Online courses allow you to provide consistent and accurate content at the highest quality. Before any course goes live, you will be able to check and double-check everything to make sure that it is 100% correct.

Expand Content

Create clear paths for your clients to follow with eLearning courses. As soon as a first module is completed, offer a second course, produce an eBook, or create a next-level course for clients to pursue. There are many possible directions that you could go to expand. For example, you could offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, each being a separate course. Another option would be to create a course diving deeper into an aspect of the previous course that some may enjoy exploring further.

Make Courses Fun and Interactive

While all coaches do their best to make in-person content engaging, some clients/learners simply don't retain information as well through that way. eLearning allows coaches to create courses that are not only engaging, but that makes learning fun and enjoyable through a variety of online techniques. Available eLearning technologies can employ augmented reality, interactive videos, virtual reality simulations, gamification, and more.

Turn Your Content into an eLearning Course

Augmenting your coaching business with eLearning course may appear daunting, but it’s surprisingly straight-forward and is based off content you already have. Now is the time to expand what you have been teaching into something bigger and better, reach a broader audience, and create additional revenue streams. No matter what it is you coach about, we can help you!

Digital Content Creators will help you to create an eLearning course that will utilize adaptive learning, micro-learning, and scenario-based learning techniques to design a fascinating course that will draw in clients and create a passive income source for you. Check out our eLearning Solutions for more information and/or review some sample courses.

If you'd like to discuss any of the points raised in this article, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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As a lifelong publishing entrepreneur, Jan’s passion is to find and disseminate great content in a useful, engaging, and entertaining way, whether that content is in print or digital.


At Digital Content Creators, Jan transforms all manner of content into modern print and digital solutions that can be shared across all media platforms. Jan and his teams create a wide range of content for publishers, authors and book coaches to amplify their brands and attract new clients.

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After a successful marketing and operations career in the corporate world, Ellie combined her passion for writing and entrepreneurial endeavors through the creation of the nationally recognized blog One Crafty Mother and the founding of an independent marketing agency that works exclusively with small businesses and entrepreneurs.


She applies her collective writing, publishing, and marketing experience to help other authors and publishers amplify their audience and create a community of engaged readers through powerful digital tools and platforms.

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