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Do You Still Think eBooks are REALLY ‘Going Digital’?

eBooks: One of the great disappointments in technology

By Jan Zucker and Ellie Schoenberger


Many authors and coaches make the mistake of thinking that publishing their content as an eBook means they are “going digital”.

There are significant differences between publishing and eBook and converting content into an interactive online course. In this online-centered world, audiences demand engaging, vibrant content and eBooks are not enough.`

We are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way content is consumed, especially when it comes to readers and learners. Content is not intended to be passive. It is intended to stir the imagination, convey knowledge, and entertain.  


Benefits of Online Content for Authors

One objective we hear frequently from authors is that they don’t see the benefit of online content.

When someone buys a book, whether it is hard copy or an eBook, the interaction between author and reader is done. When authors – especially those in self-help, education, and other niche markets – don’t have an immersive experience for readers their potential for revenue stops there.

Additionally, authors cannot reach a broader audience of consumers who want an immersive, interactive experience with their content.

An author’s relationship with their readers doesn’t need to end with the purchase of a book or eBook. Using technology, like eLearning, to augment and supplement printed content leads to continued engagement with readers. Authors create a meaningful connection with their readers and build a loyal fan base.

Competitive content creators know they need to have more than passive print and digital content to reach clients and learners where they already are - online. 


Benefits of Online Content for Coaches

As with authors, online learning opens new revenue streams for coaches, builds a stronger connection with clients, and the creates the ability for coaches of all kinds to reach a broader audience.

Coaches offer common objections to ‘going digital’. They fear it won’t work because they ‘don’t have any digital experience’, they think they need to create a lot of new content, or they fear it will be too expensive.

These objections are erroneous, as eLearning content is affordable, and no digital experience is required when coaches partner with an organization who can take their existing content and transform it into an engaging and immersive experience for their clients.

Online learning opens new revenue streams for coaches, builds a more vital connection with clients, and creates the ability for coaches of all kinds to reach a broader audience.  


Coaches are also using their online courses is in response to the new hybrid working environment by creating short micro-bursts of their eLearning modules as a lead magnet for their sales funnel. This method provides not only passive income, but keeps the pipeline solid.

 If you are a professional coach and you aren’t offering online courses, you are missing out on a powerful opportunity.


Benefits of eLearning

For both authors and coaches, the benefits of eLearning are numerous. Let’s talk about some of the benefits to your readers and clients.

Self-Paced Learning: For coaches, eLearning provides a flexible learning path allowing your clients/readers to learn and absorb content at their own pace instead of being limited to in-person interactions.

Access Content from Any Device, Anywhere:  People no longer want to be confined to a desk or a computer. Converting your content into an online course(s) allows your readers/learners to access your material from any device at any time. This is particularly important for authors and coaches who want to reach more millennials and Gen-Z clients who no longer read print books or eBooks and shun non-interactive content experiences.

Additional Revenue Stream(s): Without online content, authors and coaches need to rely on one-on-one interactions, speaking engagements, and one-time purchases of printed material to earn revenue. With eLearning, authors and coaches can significantly broaden their audience and reach virtually anyone. This is particularly important in the age of coronavirus, as people are more reluctant to gather or meet in person. Lectures/webinars can be converted to an online course and sold to thousands of people at once. Marketing eLearning courses also provide a passive income stream and the unlimited ability to scale your business.

Save Money and Time: By offering online courses, both authors and coaches can save on the expense of printing course materials, reprints, travel, and downtime meeting with clients. Online courses can be edited quickly and easily, allowing you to expand your content offerings without incurring hefty additional expenses.

Expand content: eLearning provides a clear path for clients and readers to follow. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels allow learners to access interesting and relevant content. Once a first module is completed, more courses can be offered for learners to pursue. There are unlimited expansion opportunities.

Real-time Access to Analytics and Feedback: Authors and coaches can receive feedback and analytics about their audience’s interaction with course material. This data is invaluable, as it allows you to understand where your learners struggle, whether course material is exciting and engaging, and what areas are of the most interest to your audience.

If you'd like to discuss any of the points raised in this article, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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As a lifelong publishing entrepreneur, Jan’s passion is to find and disseminate great content in a useful, engaging, and entertaining way, whether that content is in print or digital.


At Digital Content Creators, Jan transforms all manner of content into modern print and digital solutions that can be shared across all media platforms. Jan and his teams create a wide range of content for publishers, authors and book coaches to amplify their brands and attract new clients.

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After a successful marketing and operations career in the corporate world, Ellie combined her passion for writing and entrepreneurial endeavors through the creation of the nationally recognized blog One Crafty Mother and the founding of an independent marketing agency that works exclusively with small businesses and entrepreneurs.


She applies her collective writing, publishing, and marketing experience to help other authors and publishers amplify their audience and create a community of engaged readers through powerful digital tools and platforms.

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