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Register for the Limitless Collaborative Summit

The path to business success for an entrepreneur is always one fraught with challenges.


When you work from home, are juggling household responsibilities, and trying to build and grow a business, it’s a choice you’ve made because you believe in something bigger than your current struggles. You believe in your ability to make a difference in the lives of others and that belief drives you.



Now, even when you’re working at home, you don’t have to be working alone... not anymore.


To kick off this incredible new virtual co-working community for entrepreneurs, there’s a massive summit happening there with over 60 speakers, trainers, and workshop hosts, me being one of them, for a full week of inspiration and learning designed to help you grow, both personally and professionally, and offer you the opportunity to experience a virtual world that will make all the difference in your life and your business.

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Join me, December 7th-11th, as entrepreneurs from around the globe come together in The Limitless Collaborative.  We’ll learn, we’ll laugh, we’ll collaborate, we’ll grow and it will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.


Click below to attend this incredible week full of powerful entrepreneurial leaders coming together virtually to celebrate a new virtual world designed to improve the lives and businesses of entrepreneurs just like us. Will you join me?


Some of the things I’ve had people ask me are:


“How does this whole virtual community thing work?”


“Do I need to wear one of those virtual reality headsets?”


“I’m not techie at all... am I gonna be able to figure this out?”


“Is this software trustworthy?”


Let me assure you, this could not be more simple. It’s a software install, just like Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Office and it is definitely trustworthy. This software is being used by many different corporations and universities around the world currently to run their operations remotely.


Once you install it, you set up your account username and password, and you’re then taken to a dressing room where you customize your avatar.


VR headsets are not required... this thing runs right on your computer like any other software program and very much like a simple kid’s video game.


It’s simple to move around- just use your arrow keys to go forward, backward, left or right. There’s a button to push to turn your microphone on or off and your webcam is not required.


When you leave the dressing room, you’ll automatically go to the welcome area where staff members are there to greet you and help direct you to wherever you need to go. You can even attend a community tour.


There’s also a go-to menu at your top left that gives you all the options for anywhere you’d want to visit while in the community but you can also just walk around and explore.


This is not another thing you need to learn how to use. You’ll be able to manage just fine with little to no help right from the get-go.


Once you register to attend the summit, you’ll receive an email with a download link so you can install the software and get started. You’ll want to have it all set up before the summit begins on December 7th, so feel free to get in there and play around this week.


See you inside!

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