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Reader Behavior is Changing, How Publishers Can Keep Pace Part Three – Think Outside the Box

Interactive eBooks

“A top-secret excavation did not bring any results for 28 weeks. It was on the 29th week that something unexpected happened. The team disappeared and the only thing that was left behind was this journal.”  

That’s how the interactive book JOURNAL 29 begins. From there it’s your goal to solve all 63 riddles using only a pencil, a copy of the book, a smartphone or tablet and of course your wits. Starting out via Kickstarter and quickly reaching and exceeding its monetary goal Dimitris Chassapakis has created the perfect blend of literary suspense, interactive technology and hours of entertainment for people of all ages working alone or as teams.

As I plowed through the quizzes, I thought to myself, now this is truly what an eBook should be. Not simply a copy of print book that’s easier to carry around, but a literary challenge that combines the best of fiction, art and technology. Why has it taken so long for something like this to emerge and who will move it forward?

Augmented and Virtual Reality

For all you Sherlock Holmes fans, how would you like to walk the streets of London starting at 221B Baker Street and following Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson on one of their great mysteries; “THE ADVENTURE OF THE BLUE CARBUNCLE.

You will pass the Sherlock Holmes Statue, stroll through his beloved Convent Gardens and finish your day at the Sherlock Holmes Pub where you can toss down a pint or two.

This innovative interactive app will guide you to the place mentioned in the story and with Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities you can even take selfies wearing his famous hat and smoking one of his famous pipes (either Cherrywood, Clay or Briar; whoever mentions a Calabash pipe doesn’t know their Holmes trivia).

Via geolocation and GPS you will hear the story described in audio and see the words as text on your smartphone.  All this provided to you by Johanna Forsman and her company StoryTourist.  The challenge was to develop the concept and be ready for when the technology became available. Johanna has had this idea since she was 15 years old and how great is it to see someone who can make their dream come true while bringing joy to thousands of people as well.

Geolocation Technology

The Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (July 1–July 3, 1863), was the largest battle of the American Civil War, as well as the largest battle ever fought in North America, involving over 160,000 Confederate and Union soldiers. Casualties at Gettysburg totaled over 51,000 for both armies, including the dead, wounded, and missing.

Digital Content Creators is partnering with a well-known historical publishing company to bring the battle of Gettysburg to life.  Through historical maps and the actual diaries of General Meade and General Lee, we will give readers the ability to walk the actual battlefield using the latest GPS and Geolocation technology. Readers will hear the thoughts of both Generals as they move their ground troops, artillery, and Calvary in the ultimate game of chess with the lives of countless thousands (not to mention the fate of a whole nation) in the balance.

Digital Content Creators Helps Publishers Think Outside the Box

We invite any publishing companies who are looking to think outside the box to contact us and create what we think will be the one of the next big trends; merging AR, VR and literature into an all-encompassing immersive experience.


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