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Selling Your Book on Google Play (Part One)

Even if your book is the next great American novel, it will still only be read by people who can find it!

One of the most important decisions you make as an author is where to market your book. One option to consider is Google Play.

Google Play has not always had the greatest reputation when it comes to books, as their focus had been primarily directed towards other ventures. However, notable changes in recent years now make Google Play a more attractive option.

Before you decide whether Google Play is the right platform for you, though, it’s important to understand how Google Play works for both readers and authors.

Google eBook Consumer Personalized Home Pages

One of the most interesting features of Google Play is the way they create a homepage of books for each consumer based on their interests and search habits.

While Amazon offers a similar customized layout on their eBooks home page, the Amazon eBook homepage can be difficult for readers to find. The personalized book homepage for Google Play, on the other hand, is easy to find, offers tailored book lists based off the readers interests and search history, and it also offers special sections for promoted books.

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So, how do you get on Google Play’s homepage? There are a couple of important things to know.

Google Play's New Release Section

Special attention is paid to newly released books on Google Play’s book homepage. This list is titled “New Arrivals” and can be found at the top of the book homepage.

Newly released books are always on Google Play’s book homepage for the first 30 days of their listing on Google Play. This window provides a great opportunity for authors to gain exposure, so it’s important to be aware of it and broadcast on social media, email campaigns and other marketing initiatives to make the most of your book’s prominent placement.

More Discounts Equals More Visibility

Special consideration is also given to books with discounts, promotions periods, or free giveaway deals. Offering discounts and/or promotions is a great way to get your book highlighted on the eBook homepage, and you can even schedule these promotions ahead of time through the Google Play Partner Center.

The ability to schedule promotions in advance allows authors to maximize the timing of their promotion(s) strategically, typically during times of increased consumer interest like holidays, topic relevance due to current events, etc.

The more ways you can find to stay on Google Play’s eBook homepage, the more exposure, and sales you will get. Even if a reader doesn’t ultimately purchase your book, Google Play’s algorithms make note of their interest, increasing your chance of showing up on that reader’s homepage recommendations.

In Part Two of “Selling Your Book on Google Play” we will talk more about what drives a buyer’s search engine results.

Digital Content Creators Can Help

Publishers and independent authors are facing unprecedented challenges in garnering the attention of potential readers as well as getting their books to market. No longer is it enough to just have great content. It is now essential to have that content create an experience for their readers.

Besides the competition of other books, authors and publishers face the daunting task of competing with free quality content, the attention span of the new generation of readers and the emerging immersive technology that will yet again disrupt the publishing industry.

Digital Content Creators is uniquely positioned to assist both publishers and independent authors to create and implement a strategy that includes all aspects of this brave new publishing world.

We want to help your book get in front of the largest audience possible. Contact us today to get started.


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