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The Importance of Design for Self-Published Authors

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Are you an author planning out the steps of your book? Yes?

That is incredible; good job!

You are on the fast track to publishing; however, have you considered your book design? You may be thinking that the most essential part of the book is the written words, but there is so much more that goes into publishing a successful book. Today, we are talking about the importance of design for self-published authors.

Are you ready?

The Power of Great Design

I have a challenge for you! Take 20 seconds to think of a famous logo or two. Go ahead; I’ll wait.

Were you able to think of one? Likely, it was easy! Branding surrounds us every day. It could be the “swoosh” on our Nike sneakers, the bitten apple on our Apple laptops, or even the “I ♥️ NY” plastered on tourists’ shirts everywhere in New York City. We see it so often that it has become an integral part of our daily lives without us even knowing.

Branding is literally everywhere. I dare you to take a peek around the room right now and see how many you can spot! I bet that you will be surprised since there is likely branding on the pen you are holding, the tissue box on your desk, or the tote bag sitting by your feet. However, there is something vital to note here, the power of great design.

Great design is what sets successful brands above all the rest, all because of recognition.

Great Design Boosts Recognition

Good Branding = Recognition.

It is as simple as that. Branding that sticks with the consumer long after seeing it means that it created an impact on them, whether it was mental or emotional. You may be thinking, "But, you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover; it's the content that counts." As much as we wish that to be true, we still have to entice the reader to pick your book up in the first place. The intersection of design and literature is where success is born.

Let’s pause again to take a moment to think of a famous book. Can you picture its cover page? If I asked you to describe the cover of Harry Potter or the Cat in the Hat, could you do it? Again, like earlier, you will most likely say yes. Looking at Harry Potter, one of the most famous book series ever written, the cover is recognizable worldwide. With over 450 million copies sold in over 80 different languages, children and adults can easily recognize and describe this famous book's cover because it was created to be memorable and to invoke an emotion.

If you are self-publishing, of course, you would want to achieve the success of J.K. Rowling. To do that, you must integrate powerful design.

Are You Self-Publishing?

Design is what will either capture or deter your audience. You have only a couple of seconds for someone to take an interest in what you are offering. Shoddy artistry, fake images, or an uncomfortable design will send them scurrying off in no time.

You want a design that catches the eyes enough that they want to pick it up. Once you have achieved that, your writing skill can pull them in the rest of the way. Before you can get started on creating your brand and determining your powerful design, here are four aspects that you should take into consideration first.

Know Your Audience

How do you get to this point? Milton Glaser, the famous artist that created the multimillion-dollar “I ♥️ NY” design once said, “I am a great believer in the primacy of drawing as a mean of engaging the world and understanding what you’re looking at.” To succeed, your design strategy must be aimed at the consumer. You must know more than just their demographics, but also their goals, motivations, and values. This is where you will connect with your audience and differentiate your brand from all the rest.

Creating a Brand

Yes, you are a brand. When creating a book design, you must create a brand right alongside it. You don’t want to design something that only you can understand. You want to create something memorable and powerful. Once your book has been published and eventually fades from the shelves, it is your brand that will remain. That brand is what will encourage loyal consumers to buy your next book, your next course, or your next venture.

Establish Connections

Establishing connections with loyal fans may appear trivial at first, but those fans are your bread and butter. By creating a meaningful relationship with them where you learn about their interests, goals, passions, and more, you will be able to utilize that information in the future. Once you have made a connection, readers are exceptionally loyal and will keep coming back to see what else you have to offer. Here is your opportunity to take it!

Ask Questions

Getting your book ready to self-publish is a roller coaster of an endeavor with a steep learning curve. You are a writer; you are not a marketer, graphic designer, social media expert, or salesperson. You have created something incredible, but the next steps may seem daunting. We encourage you to ask questions. Many people have done this before you and will have great insights into how you can best move forward.

Digital Content Creators Can Help!

We are here to help! We can help you utilize all the components of creating a successful book. Contact us and schedule a free consultation today for more information on how to succeed in your self-publishing journey.


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