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Think eLearning is for Big Companies Only? Think Again!

We live in a new world where remote work has become the norm, and training programs need to be virtual. While switching to eLearning can seem daunting, it is the way of the future. The faster you make the switch, the sooner you can get on the path to success! You may be thinking, "BUT, eLearning is only for big companies!" Think again!

Benefits of eLearning

The benefits of eLearning training extend to all businesses, whether small, medium, or large. eLearning training is an investment in your employees and the success of your company. Now, more than ever, attracting and retaining quality talent is vital. eLearning is an effective and efficient way to do this.

"How," you ask?

Reduced Expenses

It may feel as though adding eLearning training is an added expense, but studies show that eLearning actually saves money! Think about it: you create an eLearning training course once and it is a resource you can use over and over. eLearning saves on employee downtime, space expense (if needed), increased employee retention, course material production, travel costs, and more. We have a virtual eLearning ROI calculator that can break this down for you in dollars and cents.

Studies show that 42% of companies who offer eLearning have led to increased revenue with every dollar invested in online training resulting in $30 in productivity. Comprehensive training programs lead to a 218% higher revenue per employee.

That is quite a return!

Increased Employee Retention

Your next question might be, "Why should I go to all this trouble and expense to train an employee who could turn around and leave?" Those same studies have shown that continuous training and education has a huge impact on employee loyalty, with 94% of employees stating that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. Training for soft skills is considered a #1 priority for employees with 87% of millennials, and 69% of non-millennials, stating that career development is a vital part of the job.


Monetary returns and loyalty are enticing eLearning features, yet there is still one more question to ask, "Why not just send them to a physical class?" First, since the start of the pandemic, the world has changed. We don't know how long it will take to return to normal if it ever does.

Second, eLearning courses are more efficient than standardized learning.

The Research Institute of America found that eLearning courses have a retention rate of 25% to 60%, which is much higher than the face-to-face retention rate of 8%-10%. In addition, eLearning takes 40% to 60% less employee time than traditional learning.

So, not only will employees retain more information and increase their job performance, but they will do it faster too!

Increased Employee Engagement

Now that you understand the benefits of eLearning, you may be wondering if your employees would even want to do it.

As we mentioned above, many employees believe that learning is a vital part of career development. Many want to do it on their own time, with any device, with 56% of employees stating that they would take a manager-suggested course for professional development.

You can choose from a vast array of options to incentivize your employees to take a career development course, such as offering a bonus for completion or letting them train during work hours. Endless possibilities are waiting for you!

DCC is Here to Help!

Digital Content Creators is ready to help you!

We have eLearning courses affordable for all small and mid-sized enterprises with the same quality as big companies.

Learners want interactive and engaging content they can access from any device, any time. Learning and Development professionals want learners to be engaged and excited about training and career development. They also want the ability to update training courses easily and affordably and be able to measure their effectiveness through detailed analytics and reporting.

We work with companies of all sizes to switch to ‘digital first’ eLearning training efficiently and affordably.

It only takes a 15-minute call to learn more about how we can help you and your organization. If you’re interested fill out a contact form, call us at (201) 264.7554, or send us an email at


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