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As the divide between print and online content widens, learners are expecting to be more engaged with their content; they are looking for an experience as well as knowledge and information.

Educational publishers need to be focused not simply on what they publish, but how they deliver content. Leaners are interested in more than just print and eBook offerings and expect interactive, immersive experiences in myriad forms they can access on any device, at any time, and from anywhere.


This guide to going digital first presents a case study of the benefits of doing just that.

Free eBook - Book Production Handbook

We have observed that publishers and authors may have incomplete information about the publishing process and unclear expectations for their manuscripts. It is our hope that publishers and authors can benefit from this free, downloadable insider’s guide to book publishing.

Free eBook - Calculating eLearning ROI

When you think of calculating Return on Investment (ROI) you likely think of an excel spreadsheet comprised of assumed expenses, some educated predictions and fixed costs that will let you know whether it is wise to make an investment in a product or service that will potentially make or save you money.


When calculating the ROI for eLearning however, dollars and cents are only part of the return that needs to be considered, and not necessarily the most important part. The impact and effectiveness of any training program, as well as its ability to promote a company culture of empowerment, curiosity, and professional growth, is also a major consideration.

This free eBook highlights some of the important things to consider
when to calculating ROI for eLearning, as well as provide you an eLearning
calculator you can use to see whether this method works for your company.

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