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DIGITAL CONTENT CREATORS is proud to introduce wiz[cabin], an all in one eLearning self-authoring tool and LMS combined to our list of service.


This service is for content creators that require a fast and customized way to create.

Now, more than ever, companies need to retrain and reeducate employees on new procedures and rules. Business has changed in a fundamental way that is yet unknown. wiz[cabin] can create distance learning and training modules quickly and inexpensively so that your courses are ready when you need them.

Self-Authoring Tools: allow you to take control of your online training development. With wiz[cabin] creating your own homemade content, training, or educational courses is easier than ever. wiz[cabin] is a self-authoring tool that can conveniently be packaged with our proprietary LMS so even individuals without technical or design backgrounds can easily create and upload interactive and multi-media eLearning courses.

wiz[cabin] allows you to develop branded digital content unique to your content quickly and easily.  Some of the many benefits you will find while using wiz[cabin] include:

Cloud-Based Access: SaaS eLearning tools are accessible online at any location. Data is saved and backed up automatically allowing you to return to your work at any time.

Less Technical Solution: SaaS eLearning tools are designed to work as a plug and play solution as opposed to authoring tools that require coding and extensive training. wiz[cabin] was designed to be intuitive and responsive to eliminate the need for IT personnel.

Collaborative Environment: Since wiz[cabinis cloud-based, multiple people can work on the course materials no matter where they are, or what device they are using.

Quick Launches: With wiz[cabin], you are not going to experience development delays and revisions. Once the course is finished you can upload it to our LMS and go live seamlessly.

Content Safeguarding: wiz[cabin] is password-protected and is hosted on an encrypted network. All data is secured with you in control of who has access to the materials.

More Flexibility: wiz[cabin] allows you to use only the elements you need. You choose the type of interactivities and what multi-media elements to add.

Scalability: Depending on the content and the nature of courses being developed, wiz[cabin] and scale up to accommodate multiple teams working on different modules.

Sample WIZ[CABIN] Courses

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