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We know you're busy. Below are some quick reads to help keep you up-to-date about what's new in publishing and eLearning.

How Content Consumption Has Changed

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Content has always been king, but another old saying applies as well: ‘If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?.’ These days, the saying could read: ‘if you create content, but nobody consumes it, is it still king?’

In today’s world, individuals want to access content anytime, from anywhere, and on any device.

Not so long ago, the only answer to this was to create an eBook, which is still an effective way to ensure your audience can access your content digitally. However, publishing an eBook isn’t always enough.

Clients, prospects, and readers prefer more interactive, entertaining, and immersive content.

Any content creators who want to attract and retain their audience must present content in a way that will hold their attention and actively engage them.

The New Content Paradigm: Don’t Get Left Behind

We believe every coach can benefit from offering digital courses that professionally, accurately, and affordably represent their knowledge, brand, and expertise. 

We Could All Use More Emotional Intelligence


"Gifted leadership occurs when heart and head – feeling and thought – meet. These are the two winds that allow a leader to soar."
— Daniel Goleman

📅 Over the last month, I conducted two Linkedin polls asking what skills leaders and coaches thought were most needed in the workplace. Here are the results with close to 5,000 views and over 100 responses.

💞 Emotional Intelligence - 52% 🧠
👂 Communications and deep listening – 18%
🔮 Flexibility and the ability to adapt to change – 14%
👓 Strategic Vision- now & for the future - 9%
👩🏾‍🏫 Better Leadership - 4%
📈 Sales - 3%

🤔 You can draw your own conclusions, but I believe that COVID and the toxic state of our politics have taught us that we need to live smarter and care more about each other.


📢 Why You Should Choose eLearning Courses for Leadership Training

why you should choose elearning courses for leadership training digital content creators

Leadership training is every organization’s key to achieving success. A leader embodies the strategic role of a planner, motivator, example setter, and adviser.

Leadership training is continuous. While traditional training may last for a week or longer, true leaders need regular training. eLearning courses can provide potential leaders with the key training techniques they need.

✅ Situation-based courses are for leaders to practice problem-solving in a safe environment.

✅ Team-handling courses train leaders to handle problems as well as boost motivation. One way is through gamified elements like quizzes, rewards, and badges. These allow for healthy competition.

Have you ever used games or other fun methods to try to motivate your team? 

✅ Goal-setting courses turn your organization’s goals into interactive videos to assist your leaders with training. These tools enable leaders to achieve their full potential. 💪

Nurturing employees into future company leaders is every organization’s goal. We design courses for this.

Contact us, schedule a free consultation, or click below to download our free eLearning ROI calculator.

Online Learning May Lead to Greater Access and Affordability for College Students🌠

Online Learning may lead to greater acess and affordability for college students elearning digital content creators

Covid and the shift to online learning have taken higher education to a turning point that could result in greater access and lower tuition for students and their families.🔎

Online Learning is at a watershed moment.

If they have not started already, higher education will need to make a substantial investment in creating a more robust online education.💰

College administrators should adopt the disruption theory and give educational directors autonomy in designing the structure of the courses to prevent the online model from simply becoming a virtual duplicate of the in-person program.

🏫 The traditional campus model can then be transformed into a fairer system allowing scheduling flexibility as well as access to those who could not afford it before.

Do you think higher education will be able to adopt a system that not only makes online learning equal to or better than in-person learning but also opens up the door for a more diverse student body?


Contact us or schedule a free consultation to learn how you can help students by creating eLearning courses.


Think eLearning is for big companies only? Think again!

We live in a world where remote work has become the norm, and training needs to be virtual. The benefits of eLearning extend to all businesses, whether small, medium, or large. eLearning training is an investment in your employees and your company.

✅ Helps Reduce Expenses - you create an eLearning training course once and it is a resource you can use over and over.

✅ Increases Employee Retention - 94% of employees state that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers.

✅ Efficiency - eLearning takes 40% to 60% less employee time than traditional learning.= Increased Employee Engagement - 56% of employees state that they would take a manager-suggested course for professional development.

Has your company looked into eLearning as a way to train and better retain good employees? Please discuss in the comments below. 👇

We help coaches, businesses, and authors create engaging eLearning courses for their employees and readers.

Contact us, schedule a free consultation, or click below to download our free eLearning ROI calculator.

Is elearning only for big companies small business online training employees digital content creators
elearning screen count how many slides online traning digital content creators

💻 In eLearning - Screen Count Doesn't Matter

I am often asked about the optimum number of slides or screen counts per hour of instruction.

I answer that it doesn’t matter. Here is why:

✅ I can make ten points on a single screen or have ten screens, each with a single point. It still depends on the learner's ability to retain the information presented.

✅ Instead of focusing on the number of screens per course (money), we focus on the productivity of the content (knowledge).


🚫Don't Auto-Advance slides. Let the learner do it. Each learner reads and absorbs information at a different pace.

Use these hints:

👉 Break the information into bite-sized chunks.
👉 Know the difference between learners viewing and doing.
👉 Have learners pull the information instead of pushing it on them.

💻 When a learner "pulls" information it suggests he is ready to learn more and that's when retention occurs. 

🏗 Building good eLearning courses is more than providing information. The key is figuring out how to structure the information so it can be utilized most productively.

🤖 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Shape the Future of eLearning

ways artificial intelligence is shaping the future of elearning AI online training digital content creators

A simple definition of AI is a machine that possesses the ability to solve problems that once could have only been solved by a human.

Let’s explore how the eLearning landscape can grow by reaping the benefits of this emerging technology.


  • Real-Time Questioning - By integrating AI into eLearning courses, all one would have to do is ask the AI engine and receive the appropriate answers.

  • Natural Language Processing – We can communicate with an AI elearning platform in the language we prefer.

  • Improve Accessibility - AI is being used to improve the lives of people with disabilities. It can read to the blind, convert words to text for the deaf, and perform tasks for the mobility impaired.

  • Generate Fresh Content - AI can be used to generate the entire content of an eLearning course, taking away a huge load from the instructional designers.

  • Personalize Learning - AI can be used to track the previous performance of an individual and use that data to alter the current learning material.

🌠 Empowering Self-Directed Learning 🌠

empowering self-directed learning elearning online training courses digital content creators

In a world characterized by rapid social, technological, and economic change, lifelong learners will be most successful. Let us find out why.

We must constantly learn to navigate our continuously evolving environment successfully. With focus on learning within institutions and organizations, one of the most important kinds of learning gets neglected—self-directed informal learning.

Due to economic disruption and rapid social change, formal education cannot equip people with all the knowledge and skills they require throughout their lifetime.


Lifelong learning requires individuals to be active learners that develop skills to learn in a self-motivated and self-directed manner.

To do this, self-directed learners need tools to harness the best sources of knowledge available to them. 📚

The Internet has provided a wealth of sources to assist self-directed learners.

They must take advantage of the availability of this unlimited knowledge to continue their journey through life.

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