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Our Approach

Three words that sum up the heart and soul of what drives us at Digital Content Creators. We work with corporations and educational institutions to create and rejuvenate eLearning courses for both employee and executive training as well as educational courses for learners of all ages.





We are passionately engaged because we expect that from our learners as well. Engaged with the understanding that we are changing people’s lives for the better. Engaged with utilizing the latest technologies and theories to make sure the knowledge we teach is interesting and understandable, and that it gives everyone the greatest chance to succeed. We are also engaged with making sure we live up to our promise of delivering the best product possible to our clients and to always stand behind that product.


Some people have called us obsessive in our work habits. We are obsessive in making sure everything we do is delivered perfectly, is always on time, and is more than was asked for. We take that as a compliment. After all what could be more fulfilling than opening up new vistas that enable thousands of people to live better lives. To enable them to contribute more to society which in turn benefits us all. If we can enable more people to take control of their careers, their health, and their family then we have done our job well, and our obsession is a worthy goal.


Today’s leaders whether corporate, government, spiritual or educational have embraced the concept that empowered people to accomplish more, produce better results and bring innovation to whatever they do. We design our courses so that the learner will not only want to finish but more importantly they will retain the knowledge they have learned. We believe that with this new self-confidence will also come the feeling of empowerment that will set them firmly on the path to a more productive future.

Our Process

The ADDIE Model 

5 Steps to Effective Training

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