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Publishers, Authors, and eLearning

Reader Behavior is Changing - Are You Keeping Pace?

As a veteran of the magazine and newspaper industry, I was in the trenches as readership plummeted and magazines succumbed to the onset of digital content.  The publishers that saw this coming and pivoted their content and changed their business model to accommodate this change stayed alive.


Those that didn’t fell by the wayside.

We are now seeing another paradigm shift in the way content is consumed, especially when it comes to readers. 

The book market is has always been tough to break into as a new author. With over one million books published each year, it is hard to get a solid footing and create a loyal audience. Digital tools and platforms are a powerful way for authors and publishers to expand their audience and fully engage readers who keep coming back for more. 

The authors and publishers we work with for print boo 

1) Reluctance to change - this is the way we've always done things/fear of the unknown/skepticism 

2) Belief that it's not affordable

3) Belief they don't have enough time/resources

4) Lack of online/digital expertise and/or experience

5) Poor prior experience with print and eBook creation

How DCC Helps Publishers, Book Coaches, and Authors

Do we need a case study in addition to this or can that be the second email? 

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