With the advent of self-publishing and the availability of content through multiple channels, creativity and quality content does not always guarantee success. Presentation and design play an important role in having readers recommend your book in their reviews.

Digital Content Creators and its teams of designers and Pre-Press experts guarantee that your book will be produced in a professional and attractive way that will make it stand out from your competitors.

Print Publishing


Copy Editing

We pair all content with the appropriate editing experts by matching your content type with our editors’ wide-ranging subject matter expertise. We use our extensive reference material library to make sure your copy is perfect. If the publisher provides a style sheet we make sure to follow it to the letter. We can also create a customized style sheet and use the appropriate copy-editing style based on the nature of the publication. Our standard copy-editing functions include: 

  • Spelling, including British and American English.

  • Grammar, including rephrasing sentences by non-English-speaking authors.

  • References and footnotes, for technical accuracy and placement of citations.

  • Captioning to match figures and tables, and type-marking for mathematics.

  • Consistency, to ensure that author usage and all elements of a manuscript are properly presented.



Schema Design

If you are not yet using XML or DTD, we have experienced developers with years of experience to providing you your own DTD for both print and digital publishing. As you are aware, the benefit of converting content into XML enhances the value of that content. It creates a single source for publishers to store, manage, and search their content. It creates scalability as well as flexibility for your content. Our own team of coding experts will convert and structure your content from any source or layout into the XML format of your choice.


Project Management

Of course, we will also provide you with a full-service project management team with every project entrusted to us. Our goal is to always bring your projects in ahead of schedule and on budget. Some of the many services our project management team provides are:

  • Coordination between the various stakeholders in the publishing cycle.

  • Quality Control and review of incoming data to prevent potential problems before they arise.

  • Coordination of revisions and corrections when necessary.

  • Improved Turn-Around-Time.


Proof Reading/

Quality Check

Our proofreaders scrutinize every word and sentence, correcting errors and inconsistencies. We go beyond simple spelling corrections to attend to matters of proper hyphenation at the end of lines, layout considerations such as hyphenation stacking, spread balancing, and widows and orphans. We take care of font size, paragraph and character style, zero-field areas, bleed, color separation, correct usage of symbols and much more in math, and science-heavy text and equations.




We use the latest version of the Industry’s top pagination software like InDesign, Quark, and LaTex. Our team has an in-depth experience of handling composition for all segments of the publishing industry. We offer around the clock coverage (24/7/365) to ensure on-time deliveries and we also have the ability to complete rush projects routinely.


Keyboarding & OCR

With state of the art technology and an experienced production team, we are able to capture data in all the forms. Our keyboarding professionals excel with speed, efficiency and cost savings. We key with an accuracy rate of 99.9%. With our OCR software, we are able to convert large numbers of pages per day while staying on time and on budget. When OCR is not an option, we can, of course, Keyboard your documents with an accuracy rate approaching 100%.



From simple self-feed or flatbed scanners that range from low res to HD to specialized scanners that delicately handle the scanning of even the most fragile books and documents without any damage to the original document. We have seen and done it all.



Our team can provide various levels of Indexing services. A well-qualified team of editors understands the importance of carefully sifting through information in a document and nesting tag words to bring out the essential elements of the file. Our indexers generate superior keywords both in the subject and author indexing.


Artwork Creation

We are experienced in drawing complex maps, line-art, chemical artwork, as well as cartoons, and medical charts. We can deliver these with precision in extraordinary turn-around times. Our skill set includes:

  • Cover Designing

  • Illustrations

  • Image Composition

  • Re-drawing

  • Localization

  • Re-lettering

  • Infographic Creation