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Audiobooks are Becoming the New eBooks

Audiobooks are Becoming the New eBooks authors how to create audiobook

Are you an author or publisher in the process of releasing a book, or have already published and want to expand your potential audience? If you answered yes, you should consider creating an audiobook!

Audiobooks are Gaining in Popularity

Audiobooks are currently the fastest growing product in the publishing industry. In 2011, the Audio Publishers Association (APA) reported 7,237 audiobooks were produced. In 2018, just seven years later, that number skyrocketed to 44,685 audiobooks published! With 67 million Americans listening to audiobooks each year, the demand for audiobooks continues to rise.

Why Consumers Want Audiobooks

We live in a busy world. Between work, family, friends, and personal care, it doesn't leave much time to sit down with a good book at the end of the day. However, the vast majority of us have significant portions of our day spent with busy hands and bored minds. When driving to work, running in the park, cooking dinner, or folding laundry, for example, readers are now tapping into audiobooks.

Steps to Publishing an Audiobook

If you are ready to add an audiobook to your publishing plan, here are the necessary steps that you will need to follow.

Choose a Platform

Before you can begin creating an audiobook, you must choose a platform. The most popular choice in Amazon's Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), but there are other options available to you. To select a platform, review what each one has to offer, the cost, and the process involved.

Pick a Narrator

Choosing a good narrator is vital for the success of your book. You could do it yourself, but unless you have experience and the equipment to do this, it’s better to hire a pro. You will likely meet candidates on your platform of choice. Review each audition carefully and choose the narrator that brings forward the tone of your book the best.

Proof Your Audiobook

Just like when writing a book, you need to proof your audiobook. It is highly unlikely that there won't be a single flaw, which means you need to listen to every word as you read along with the original work. Listen for mispronunciations, missed words or sentences, and anything else that doesn't sound right. Good narrators will be happy to fix it up right quick.

Decide on Distribution

Once everything is set to go, it’s time to distribute your new audiobook! There is a variety of big-name and small distributors out there. You have likely heard of Amazon's Audible, Audiobooks on Google Play, and Barnes and Noble's Nook. Take the time to review what each distributor has to offer and choose the one that works best for you and the market you are trying to hit.

Tell Everyone!

You did it! You published an audiobook! While you likely don’t need to complete another whole marketing campaign like you did the original book, you still need to spread the word. Notify your followers on social media, send out a notice to your email list, and take advantage of any promotions available on your chosen platforms.

Do you have more questions about publishing an audiobook and/or how to build additional revenue streams from your content? Feel free to hit us up with a question or book a free consultation!


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