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Beyond the Written Word: The Importance of Audience Engagement

Let's be real for a moment; almost everyone is attached to their devices nearly 24/7. As you are reading this, you are on a computer, tablet, or phone, for example. Connection and communications are at the heart of audience and client loyalty. Authors, instructors, and coaches who write to inform, empower, or educate their audience face challenges that previous generations of content creators never imagined: the prospect of keeping their readers engaged with the subject matter. As the divide between print and digital content widens, readers are looking to be more engaged with how they consume content.

While most authors, coaches, and educators publish their work in print and eBook form, audiences these days seek a more interactive way to consume their content. In most cases, the experience of reading or learning from a printed book or a screen is not enough to hold the current generation of reader's interest, nor does it lend itself to creating larger communities and additional revenue.

Audience Engagement for Coaches and Instructors

Being mindful of brand identity and audience engagement are key elements of the success of any coach, particularly in the online realm.

Interactive, engaging content that reflects your brand and enriches your relationship with clients and prospects is how coaches in the know maintain and build their clientele.

As a coach, you have core values, core promises, and core messaging, and it’s essential to continuously broadcast these to your clients and prospects. As exciting as this is, it can also be overwhelming, so the focus on the use of the newest technology is important.

There are dozens of applications out there to help you build your community effectively, whether it is to meet one-on-one or hold webinars, online classes, or offer other resources.

These technology platforms – like eLearning - provide opportunities for coaches and instructors to build a loyal clientele and reach more prospects with interactive and engaging content.

Audience Engagement for Authors

With technology today you can use digital tactics to create a virtual audience of readers and have them stay top of mind to your books. Leveraging a guest post book review is one way to accomplish this like the guest post book review service offered by TAPNET. Let’s be honest; do you remember the author of every book you’ve ever enjoyed? Probably not, unless they made a lasting impression on you beyond the confines of the written word.

Many readers guzzle books down like lemonade on a hot summer’s day. Therefore, to be remembered, you must go above and beyond.

By consistently and effectively engaging with your readership, you strengthen the connection and leave them wanting more.

This provides vital feedback and opens doors to other revenue streams.

With a lasting relationship, you are essentially creating a database that holds priceless information about who they are and what they like.

eLearning is Key

Think through all the ways you can instruct and interact with your clients and/or readers. For example, you may have print materials or workbooks that could be available as an online resource or eLearning module that are available to anyone, anytime, and on any device. Coaches and authors can build engaging, interactive, and effective courses that directly reflect their unique brand right from their existing content (workbooks, books, eBooks, etc.). eLearning courses are much more effective than passive videos on platforms like YouTube. Online courses require user interaction and engagement, provide direct feedback to you as to how your clients/readers are progressing, and help benchmark their progress.

As an author, mentor, coach, or instructor it’s vital to think beyond a book or eBook. You want to be an active part of your audience’s growth, interests, and success.

If you'd like to discuss any of the points raised in this article, then please don't hesitate to contact us.


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